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   Windigo's Crimson Warlock:

Add Some MAGIC to YOUR Breeding

Program! Double Registered TWH and Spotted Saddle, Chestnut Sabino, 15.3 hands, lite shod in front, barefoot behind, completely natural, Strikingly Handsome,

with Multiple wins in Halter, English, Western 2 & 3 gait classes, Am and Open.  

Sept.8 2014 Charles Hilton caught these amazing photos of Warlock and his colt Quest:


May 2 2013, Laurie Taylor caught Warlock playing on a very windy day:


Congratulations to NPWHA on 30 years of  Promoting the Sound Horse

Warlock was entered in the following classes: 

Halter Color TWH/SSH, E/W SSH 2 gt Open, Plantation Color Horse 2gt Open, Plantation Color Horse 3gt Open,

OGB Antebellum 2gt, Western Color Horse 2gt Open, Western Color Horse 3gt Open.......and he WON ALL of them.

He  went Res. Gr. Champion Halter, and won both the Plantation Color Horse Championship Stakes and the Western Color Horse Championship Stakes 

Warlock also won the brand new "Horse of a Different Color" trophy that replaced the one he retired last year.

It was not "pre-planned" for Warlock to enter the Antebellum class. He had never had a side saddle or a long gown on him before that evening,

but when a fall caused another entrant to scratch the class Jayme decided to  take advantage of the "spare" sidesaddle. 

She had Warlock saddled and he warmed up while she was being dressed in her gown.  He took it all "in stride", won the class, and she even cantered when Jayme asked him to!

Congratulations to Warlock's Fabulous Foals who participated in this Futurity

We are EXTREMELY proud of Quest and Trinity and their WINS!

Please go to the Foals page to see them.



Warlock Sparkled at the 2010 Northern Nevada Gaited Horse Club Annual Classic All-Gaited Horse Show

He won ALL his classes, (SSH 2-gt English, 2-gt Western, 3-gt English, 3-gt Western, TWH Open 2-gt Ladies)

He won ALL his Championships, (TWH open 2-gt, SSH 2-gt, SSH 3-gt )

...and then by unanimous judges decision he was named Reserve Champion Best in Show!

Thanks to Jayme, Laurie, the ladies of Steppin Straight and the NNGHC  for making this a fabulous trip.

Best In Show!


Warlock was spectacular at this show. Friday he entered and WON both Spotted Saddle Horse classes. Saturday he took second in both TWH  Open Color English 2 and 3 gait and WON the Championship.  Sunday he WON the TWH Open Color Western 2 gait, 3 gait, and Championship.  He also performed Sat. evening ridden by Jayme bareback in the Stallion Presentation.  Warlock WON the Horse of a Different Color Perpetual Trophy for the 4th time and has retired it.



         Warlock entered and won English Color 2gt, 3gt and 2gt Championship on Saturday.  After receiving a 2nd out of 8 in his 2gt Color Western Sunday morning, Jayme realized the judge wanted more of an English way of going, and proceeded to win his 3gt and 2gt Championship classes




Conformation, Pedigree, and Sweet Gentle Disposition!!!!!!

Windigo's Crimson Warlock:

Add Some MAGIC to YOUR Breeding Program!

NEWS FLASH! The highly respected equine photographer, Barbara Livingston, has her new book, Horses: In Living Color out now.  Barbara, who usually concentrates on Thoroughbreds, requested permission to photograph Warlock, flew out to CA and took a variety of great shots and used 2 double page pictures of him in the book!  Reviews of the book are 5 out of 5 stars!  I am very honored .

You can see her work at   Here is a sample:

Thank you Barbara Livingston for your beautiful work!


Warlock was shown for the first time by his new trainer at the 2007 NPWHA Futurity. He competed in English & Western, TWH and SSH in 6 classes and one Championship.  He amassed 2 4ths, 4 Firsts,  won his Championship class, and the Zentz Memorial Trophy for Lite Shod 2gt for the second time.  Just as important to me was his calm and happy demeanor, and  perfect gentlemanly behavior thru the entire show. His calm, willing attitude  was noted by DQP's, exhibitors and spectators. He entered 6 classes and brought home a Championship, Reserve Championship, three Firsts and a Third !



I was able to travel to CA for the 2008 NPWHA Futurity to see Warlock and his first two foals compete.  He won all 5 Western classes including his Championship, he won the Horse of a Different Color Perpetual trophy for the second consecutive time (third time in all), and he took 2 firsts and three seconds in English.  His first two colts took Champion and Reserve Champion in the Futurity Weanling Division.

Jayme promised me a "surprise" for the Stallion Presentation and swore all to secrecy. She had a mishap and contracted blood poisoning and only had two weeks to get ready...She had also planned to ride BAREBACK and have him BOW, but a knee injury suffered by Jayme on Friday eliminated those elements.   Here is a link to my surprise....and Yes, I cried!

and to watch a video of Warlock English at the 2008 Futurity:

A BIG "Thank You" to trainer Jayme Andersen for all her hard work. Visit her web site;

All of the above photos are by Laurie Taylor of TMA Photography and may NOT be used without permission.

Warlock has achieved a long and impressive show resume. He is shown in both TWH and SSH divisions in Western and English, two and three gait classes.

He was undefeated in 2003 and 2005.

He has successfully competed in plantation lite and heavy shod, and even plantation park, but never carried more than a lite shoe. His Championship wins are too extensive to list here.

His striking beauty and natural ability make him a crowd favorite where ever he goes.

We are proud to say Liz Graves has repeatedly recommended him for his exceptional conformation.

Thanks to Laurie Taylor and Jayme Andersen you can view videos of his fluid motion at 

He is standing to approved mares at Steppin Straight Farm 1780 Paseo Grande Corona CA. with trainer Jayme Andersen  951-544-5760

    For more info, please contact or 360 452 5107

 LFG , live cover and shipped semen available.

UPDATE!!!  First FIVE foals have arrived! See pictures on Warlock's Foals page.

DQP's have complimented his calm demeanor

Please view  Warlock Pedigree


Oct 8 2008, on the way to the airport I had to stop and say "good-by for now" to my beloved boy...Laurie caught the moment.

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