"Windigo Wire Wraps" 

Welcome to my jewelry collection!  Please visit, brouse, and order often!

Windigo Wire Wraps is starting to "take off" and as I prefer to spend my time in the work room rather than on the

"Puter" I will put up photos of some of my pieces here, and if you are interested, please email for sizes, prices, materials etc. and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am trying to get pieces ready for the Spring Gem and Jewelry show. I work now mainly in sterling silver wire, but also have some pieces in copper, or Argentium silver, and rarely some "Merlin's Gold" or Sterling filled.  I wrap my own fused glass pieces, natural stones, and ???  I will gladly discuss custom orders with you. THANK YOU to all my customers for your patronage!

I have been advised by some more "experienced" jewelry makers to add the following:

1) Please ask any questions re: size, shape, color, materials etc. before purchase as sales are final. 
2) There are 4 levels of hardness of wire: dead soft, soft, half hard and hard.  Hard is not usable for wire wrapping, and different artists use the first three. I use half hard. It is more difficult to work with, but holds its shape best overall. STILL, it is WIRE and care should be used not to bend your piece out of shape.

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Please check back as I will be adding new pieces!

Thanks for dropping by!